The Real Reason Why Guest Posting is Important

Real Reason Why Guest Posting is Important

Guest blogging is an important element of inbound marketing for several reasons. Imagine a billboard in a prime, high-impact area that captures attention from potentially hundreds of people a day. Your post on a trusted, top-ranking website with a large readership is like a billboard – only its competing with a number of other posts. Your content will be seen and read, and if it offers valuable insights to readers, support your business goals in a measurable way.

How do you start?

The idea is to reach out to the webmaster of a popular blog in your niche and pitch your post idea with the aim of having it published on their site. The first step would be identifying authoritative blogs to submit to. You may already be aware of a few; if not, perform a Google search using “keywords” submit a guest blog.


Once you have a list, send letters to webmasters, and await their response. This bit requires effort and patience. Ideally, you want to be able to get your content before a target audience that frequents top blogs in their niche. Among the audience will be decision-makers – marketing managers, procurement officers, and CEOs of startups/small businesses, who can even reach you directly if they believe your product/service can help their organization in some way.

More reasons to engage in guest posting

Do it for quality traffic

The more the number of blogs you submit to, the greater the traffic to your site. Of course, not everyone who lands on your website will buy your product – some are there to get to know you better. With time and consistently good quality posts, you should be able to attract quality traffic that boosts conversions and helps your bottom line.

Do it to grow your subscriber list

A primary guest blogging goal is to gain subscribers and nurture them into loyal customers through a mix of inbound and outbound engagement. Loyal subscribers who benefit from your insights will also feel motivated to spread positive word-of-mouth about your brand or – if they’ve purchased from you – drive referrals and bring customers your way.

Do it for the social media shares

Small businesses with a strategic guest blogging strategy often see a growth in their social media followers. By building your follower and fan count, you could expand the reach of your content, as well as increase brand awareness and traffic, supporting your sales goals.

Do it to strengthen your SEO

Webmasters will allow you to add at least one backlink to your website. Authoritative backlinks will make your website appear trusted, and go a long way in improving your rankings in conjunction with other optimization efforts. Make sure you add a relevant, contextual link to your website within the article.

Guest posting is worth the investment. If you don’t have time for it, blogger outreach services can be of valuable assistance.


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