Benefits of Article Directory Link Building

Benefits of Article Directory Link Building

Article directories are not different from normal directories. The only major difference is that only articles can be submitted in Article Directory Link Building.

The various benefits of using article directory submission are given below-:

  • Here, the users will get a link which will help them to strengthen their position in various search engines. This will help them bring back numerous visitors back to their website at the same time.
  • It helps to increase traffic to your website. As a result of which your website’s search engine ranking will increase and your website will appear on the first page of the search engine results.
  • When the number of visitors to your website will increase, more people will come to know about your products and services and hence you will get better results.
  • You will get backlinks to the main website.
  • You are able to create different ways by which people from all parts of the globe are able to locate you.
  • Your name will be viewed by many people and it will be mentioned in several other sites.

How Article Directory Link Building works

When you visit an article directory and make an account, you are allowed to add articles directly. Different article submission directories accept different word length articles like some accept 250-500 word articles while some accept articles with more than 550 words. You then need to provide a meaningful and attractive title. For this, you can include keywords or add a small snippet about your article. The title should be such that when the readers read it, they understand the topic on what your article is based.

You will now have to submit your article to a particular category. Make sure that the category you choose for submitting your article is related to the content or topic of your article. Next you will have to wait for approval. Given below are some important conditions which a directory looks for in your article before submitting it.

  • How perfectly and to the point, your article is written.
  • Have you placed your article in the right category or not.
  • Is the length of the article justified?
  • See if there is some over-promotion of the service
  • Whether your article is unique or not

Some important directories where you can easily submit your articles are PayPerVids, Article Alley, Amazines, Ezine Articles, Buzzle, Articles Base, and so on. While you are planning to promote your website, product or services, make sure that you don’t submit the same content article in more than one search engine. This is because every search engine looks for unique content and if it will find that your content is not unique, it will not submit your article. Moreover, the directory will flag your article as a duplicate article and penalize you. So before submitting your article in various directories, ensure that you have changed the content and submitted original content only. This will maximize the benefit of submitting articles.


    • There are still some great dofollow article directories out there. We got a list of them. I can get dofollow comment links or anchor text links within the published article.

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